About Us

PastPerfect Software, Inc. is the world’s leader in collection and contact management. Over 10,000 museums, historical societies, archives, libraries, and other collecting institutions worldwide have purchased PastPerfect Museum Software since its first release in 1998. To this day, it remains an affordable, easy-to-use software for organizations and collections of all sizes.

Our main product, PastPerfect Version 5.0, provides all the tools to catalog artifacts and track their movement, as well as manage memberships, donations, and more for the constituents of an organization. The program also provides research and report functions, providing staff and visiting researchers with a variety of search methods and ways to share information.

We have also developed products to help organizations streamline their inventories, manage digital assets, and more. One of our most popular products is PastPerfect Online, a fully searchable database for organizations to share their collections online. This product gives organizations a way to grow their audience, increase visibility for their organization, and provide access to artifacts that are often inaccessible to the public.

We are currently in development of a cloud-based collection and contact management software, known as PastPerfect Web Edition. This new software will give organizations the ability to work from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

PastPerfect History

In 1996, Richard Hilton and Mary Parr founded Pastime Software Company, Inc. as a corporation whose sole purpose has been to develop, market, and distribute software products for museums. In 2007, the company name became PastPerfect Software, Inc.

Richard Hilton has been a computer programmer, business owner, and chief executive for twenty-five years. Mary Parr is a museum professional with twenty-two years of experience in museum collection management, archaeology, and library informatics. The creation of PastPerfect and its related products combines Mary’s knowledge of museum organization and collections with Rick’s unique ability to create easy-to-use, affordable software applications. Experts in geology, archaeology, natural history, library science, archival record management, and other specialties have contributed to software development to ensure that our products comply with the latest standards in museum theory and methodology.

Our headquarters is located outside of Philadelphia in Exton, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania office is the center for sales and technical support and the marketing and distribution of all PastPerfect products. Members of our professional staff have expertise in computer science as well as museum studies and practice. Our technical specialists help customers get started with PastPerfect and assist with hardware, software, and museum issues. The staff provides additional services such as data conversion and online training.