Barcode Printing Upgrade for PastPerfect 5.0

PastPerfect’s Barcode Printing Upgrade takes your museum to the next level of inventory control and tracking. Barcoding is a proven technology that can eliminate keyboard data entry errors and has many applications in the museum setting, from artifact marking and tracking to inventory control.

In addition to printing labels for your collection items, you can also print the PostNet and Intelligent Mail formats used by the US Postal Service to encode zip code information for automatic mail sorting.

Hardware Requirements: You will need a good printer and barcode scanning device. Barcode labels can be printed on any standard high quality laser or inkjet printer. To ensure that the labels can be easily read with the scanner, they should be printed at 600 dpi or higher. Scanners come in three basic styles, the wand, CCD, and laser. The laser is the best because it can scan labels from a distance of one or two feet. The CCD (Charged Coupled Device) scanners work from a distance of about 1" or less. The wand style scanners are the most economical to purchase, but are not recommended.

Please note: If you'd like to include images on your barcode labels, you will need to have the MultiMedia Upgrade. The Barcode Printing Upgrade is included with the Inventory Manager Upgrade.


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Image of Utilizing Barcode Scanning
Utilizing Barcode Scanning