Data Conversion

If your data is already in a computer, we can save you time by converting it into PastPerfect for you. There is no need to manually reenter this data. We charge $80 per hour for conversion services. The cost of a full conversion can range from as little as $85 for importing a single table to around $3000 for moving an entire relational database into PastPerfect. Factors that determine the price include the number of files, the number of records, the number of data fields, whether you have images to include, and the amount of information you can provide about the data. Depending on the number of clients requesting conversion services, the complete process can take from two to ten weeks to complete.

Getting a free quote
If you send us a copy of your data, we will give you a free quote for conversion. Depending on the program your data is in, you may need to export your data first (see below). If you would like images included in your conversion, we will need a sample of 10-15 images. You can send the files to us on CD, DVD, flash drive, zip disk, 3 1/2" diskettes, or via email attachment. Or for faster service, we can provide you instructions for copying your files to our FTP site. We can assist you in assembling your data and sending it to us for the quote. The price quote generally takes a week to complete.

Please note that we cannot give you a price quote based solely on the number of records you have. We require a copy of your data, or a sample of it, in order to give you a quote. Conversions are billed separately and are not included as part of your software purchase or annual support.

Common data formats
Some of the data formats that we have converted include: Access, Altru, ARGUS, ASCII, Cuadra's Star, dBase, DonorPerfect, EmbARK, eTapestry, Excel, FileMaker Pro, GiftMaker Pro, GiftWorks, Heritage Sentinel, InMagic DB/Textworks, iO, MARC, MCMS, Minaret, MIMSY, Paradigm, Paradox, Proficio, Q&A, Raiser’s Edge, Re:discovery, SNAP!, TMS, WordPerfect, MS Works, and Virtual Collections.

Export Formats
We may need you to export data out of your current program first. The goal of exporting data is to get your data into a non-proprietary standard format that can be imported into PastPerfect

Please note, you do not need to export data from the following formats: Access, ASCII, dBase, Excel, FileMaker Pro, MARC, MCMS, Paradox, WordPerfect, and MS Works. We prefer these files in their original formats.

For all other formats, we prefer the data to be exported to a CSV file (Comma Separated Value) or Excel. If your current database is SQL based, you may give us a SQL backup.

If your database has multiple tables, you may need to export data from each table separately and provide us with multiple files.

If you have images you would like included in the conversion, please provide us with a sample of 10-15 image files.

For assistance in exporting your data, please contact your current software program's technical support.

Data Map
To ensure that you receive the best possible price and that your data is converted to your specifications, we recommend that you include a data map with the data you send us for conversion. Click here for information on creating a data map. Here are some sample data maps in Excel from common programs that you can use to start you off:

Product Price AASLH*
Data Conversion $80/hour $80/hour
*Institutional Members of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) receive a 20% discount on the majority of PastPerfect products and services.
For free price quote, please send data and maps to:
PastPerfect Software, Inc.
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1-610-363-7845 fax

Email data and maps to: conversions@museumsoftware.com

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