MultiMedia Upgrade for PastPerfect

The MultiMedia Upgrade for PastPerfect links your digital assets to catalog records. With this optional add-on feature, you will have the ability to attach images as well as audio, video, PDF files, and more to your PastPerfect records. With the easy-to-use MultiMedia Wizard, managing your multimedia files is a snap.

Attach multiple images to records by selecting existing image files or acquiring images directly from a scanner or digital camera. PastPerfect supports the attachment of BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG and TIF image files. MultiMedia also gives you the ability to link to MS-Word documents, MS-Excel files, PDF files, Web pages, audio files, video files, large archival images and any other file type.

This is the tool you need to organize the digital assets associated with your collection.

Image storage: Images can be stored on your hard disk or network file server. Using compressed formats such as JPEG you can store as many as 200,000 images on a 20GB hard drive.


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