PastPerfect Version 4.0 Evaluation

The free evaluation has all of the collections and contacts management functions of the full PastPerfect 4.0 program, including research capabilities, reports, and Report Maker. The evaluation is preloaded with demonstration data that may be edited, researched, and accessed through reports. It is an excellent way to explore all of the jobs that PastPerfect can automate for your organization.

The evaluation version is identical to the full program except that it has a 200 record limit and optional add-on features installed. These include the MultiMedia upgrade and PastPerfect-Online, so you can see how PastPerfect helps organizations track collections and share them with the world. Pricing for these upgrades can be found on the Add-ons page.

Virtual Exhibit 4.0 Evaluation

The Virtual Exhibit evaluation runs just like the full version of Virtual Exhibit, except it has a 30 catalog record limit and demonstration data. This evaluation works in concert with the PastPerfect evaluation, which should be installed before the Virtual Exhibit free trial.

Please Note: The PastPerfect Version 4.0 Evaluation software must be installed on a Windows operating system such as XP, Vista or Windows 7. If you are using a Mac, please click here for information regarding running PastPerfect on a Mac. More information regarding general system requirements can be found on our Hardware Requirements page.

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