PastPerfect 5.0

With over 10,000 clients, PastPerfect Museum Software sets the collection management standard for organizations and collections of all sizes.

PastPerfect encompasses every aspect of collection and contact management by providing tools to streamline and automate accessions, exhibits, condition reports, loans, and many other common museum practices. The program includes numerous list management, research, and report features that provide full access to your data. From archival, art, and archaeology to historic, ethnographic, and photographic collections, PastPerfect is designed to manage all types of collections.

Four separate catalogs - Objects, Photos, Archives, Library - provide the fields you will need to catalog all of your collection items. Create your catalog records quickly and efficiently with dozens of pre-filled authority files and customizable drop-down menus. The new standard for naming artifacts, Nomenclature 3.0, is preloaded in the PastPerfect Lexicon.

PastPerfect contains the features you'll need to track acquisitions. From the time a donor approaches your organization, PastPerfect captures valuable information about the donor and item, then produces documents for the transaction including a Deed of Gift and thank you letter.

In addition to being the standard for cataloging museum collections, PastPerfect includes a Contacts database that tracks information about your contacts including membership renewals, pledges, financial gifts, and volunteer hours. Create bulk mailings and produce letters, envelopes, and labels, as well as send email newsletters and membership renewal reminders through the use of Contact Lists.

For current PastPerfect users, the Version 5.0 Upgrade offers hundreds of new features. Your data, images, and media records, as well as installed add-on options will carry over into the upgraded program.

Already using PastPerfect 4.0? Check out the videos specifically designed for PastPerfect 4.0 users.

Please note: The PastPerfect Basic Program does not include the ability to attach images. This is an optional add-on feature purchased separately (MultiMedia Upgrade).

Scatter/Gather and ezMARC are not available for Version 5.0. If you have questions about Scatter/Gather Alternatives and ezMARC Alternatives, or if you use version 3.5 or earlier, please contact our sales office at 1-800-562-6080 for assistance.


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