PastPerfect 5.0 Features

Version 5.0 is packed with tons of features to help simplify and streamline all aspects of collection and contact management. (Please note this is a partial list.)


  • Preloaded with Nomenclature 3.0 with a simple to use conversion tool for your existing data
  • Capability to handle millions of catalog records with almost one million records in each of the 4 catalogs
  • Ergonomically designed screens with centralized navigation in a left sidebar
  • New screen layouts and larger screens for easier data entry
  • New Main Menu slide show options that allow you to select images from specific catalog records
  • Custom Main Menu color scheme and button design
  • Mapping Feature allows you to use Google Maps and Google Earth Pro to map artifacts or contacts
  • Inventory Manager
  • Redesign of Virtual Exhibit to incorporate easy-to-use CSS Templates
  • Virtual Exhibit incorporated into the PastPerfect interface
  • View text in Memo fields in Browse mode by mousing over the field

All Catalogs (Objects/Archives/Library/Photos)

  • Catalog Lists will revolutionize how you use PastPerfect. To select records, you can use Research or select records individually for lists that can then be viewed, printed, moved to outgoing loans, exhibits, and more
  • Ability to rename home and temporary location fields
  • Custom screen can be renamed and set to default screen view on catalog records
  • Adding a range of records for similar items to speed data entry
  • Ability to attach digital images to Detailed Condition Reports
  • Ability to place catalog records on “Exhibit Prep”
  • Ability to recall deaccessioned items
  • Additional fields saved in Deaccession catalog

Accession and Incoming Loans

  • Activities tracking
  • Additional fields in Incoming Loans for notes and instructions

Temporary Custody

  • Added custom fields (2 character, 1 date, 2 numeric, and 1 memo fields)

People Biographies and Sites & Localities

  • Added custom fields (5 character, 2 date, 2 numeric, and 2 memo fields)
  • Additional fields in Sites & Localities for archaeology and location details

Contacts Management

  • Contacts Lists allow easy creation of lists for mail merges and more
  • Unlimited number of Contact Lists
  • Define fiscal year
  • Ability to use MS-Word as the word processor for mail merge letters
  • More custom fields (character, date and numeric (currency) fields)
  • Valid email address check upon saving a contact record
  • Email Setup testing feature


  • Customize the fields used in creating queries and in Find
  • Customize the fields when viewing query results
  • View query result images in thumbnail view


  • Recycle Bin enables you to easily recall deleted records
  • Save 30 compressed backups to hard drive
  • Save backups to CD, DVD, flash drive or other removable drive with just a few mouse clicks
  • Import and Export functions allow easy field selection using drop-down menus
  • System Information contains information about your computer and other users in the program to speed troubleshooting
  • Easy FTP transfer of error log, backups and other files to support office


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PastPerfect 5.0 User Guide

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