Digging Deeper with Advanced Search


Advanced Search is based on categories that consist of fields containing similar content. With a traditional keyword search, the term "china" will return records related to the country as well as the material. Creating an "Artifact Composition" category, then mapping  fields such as material, medium, and rock type will allow for more specific searching. Searching within the "Artifact Composition" category will only display items that have "china" in their mapped fields. The search categories and field mapping can be customized using the Web Publishing Wizard in your PastPerfect Software.

Just like in Keyword Search, Advanced Search is not case sensitive and will only search fields that are mapped to an advanced search category.


  1. Click the Advanced Search button on your PastPerfect Online site.
  2. At the top of the screen, select or deselect the data tables you want to search.
  3. Search for Hilton in the People field and Quilt in the Description field to retrieve only the records that fit both of these criteria.

    Using Advanced Search to search for Hilton in People and Quilt in Description.

  4. Click Search Records to see a list of records that match your search criteria. The link for each item your search returns is comprised of the first two fields you have selected for that record type in the Web Publishing Wizard.

    Advanced Search search results.

  5. Click on the image or hyperlink to view the full record.