Web Publishing Wizard - Setting Up Advanced Search Categories


Advanced Search is based on field mapping to user defined categories. Categories are created on the Advanced Search Categories screen in the Web Publishing Wizard. Each category can have multiple fields linked to it, so small groups of like fields can be searched at one time. Fields may only be mapped to one search category and only fields mapped to categories are included in keyword searching.  Take your time in creating and mapping Advanced Search Categories.


  1. Click the Advanced Search Categories button.
  2. To add a new category or change an existing category, click into one of the fields in the Advanced Search Category column and type the category name as you want it to appear online. If you do not want to define all the categories, be sure the unused categories are left blank, have an order of 0, and are listed at the bottom.

    New field name

  3. In the Order column, type in the next available order number. To adjust the order in which the categories appears online, change the numbers in this column.

    Order number

  4. On the right, click a tab to view the selected fields from that database.
  5. To link a field name to a search category, type the number from the No column into the Category No. column. You can link more than one field to a category. Fields that are not mapped to a category will display online, but will not be searchable.

    Linking fields to categories

  6. Repeat these steps for each tab.