Web Publishing Wizard - Browsing Files Before Publishing


The Browse Files Before Publishing screen allows you to view which records and images have been selected for web publishing. It is intended to be a quick final check of the records that you have decided to upload to your PastPerfect Online site. From this screen you can choose to remove records individually, or use the Remove All button to deselect all records at once. You also have the ability to mark all records of a database for web publishing by using the Include All button. Use of these buttons will override all choices made previously and reset the "Include in Web Export" checkbox.


  1. Click the Browse Files Before Publishing button.
  2. Click a tab to view the selected records from that database.
  3. Use the scroll bar on the right to move up or down to see the full list of records.
  4. Uncheck the Publish check box to deselect a single record.

    Publish check box

  5. To select all records, click the Include All Objects in Web Publishing button.

    Include All

  6. Click Yes to confirm.

    Confirm Include All