Making IMS Changes and Refreshing Your Site


Any change made in the Interface Management Site (IMS) takes effect immediately. However, to ensure you are seeing these changes in your browser, you must be sure to complete one of the options below to refresh your site. Both options accomplish the same task, but you may feel that one is easier than the other.


Option 1: Use Open Web Site Link in IMS

This option will be helpful if you have just made changes in IMS and are still signed in.

  1. After you make a change in IMS, click the Update Museum button at the top or bottom of your page.
  2. Click the Open Web Site link at the top of your page. This will open your PPO site in another tab or window displaying your recent changes.

    Interface Management Site highlighting the Open Web Site Link

Option 2: Use /killsession

This option will be useful if you need to refresh your website and are not logged into IMS.

  1. In a web browser, go to your PPO Site Address as listed on your PPO Welcome Letter.
  2. Add this additional text to the end of your URL: /killsession
  3. Press the Enter key on your keyboard. The browser will refresh back to the landing page and display your latest IMS changes.