Web Publishing Wizard - Customizing Field Names


By default, most of the online field names match the field names on the PastPerfect screens. You have the ability to change the online field name to a name of your choice. Changing these field names in PastPerfect Online allows you to better describe the contents of the field to your online visitors.  In this example, the field "Object ID" will be changed to "Catalog Number" for the Object records. Each tab is customized individually.


  1. Click the Customize Field Names button.
  2. Click a tab to view the selected fields for that database.
  3. Click on and then highlight the name of a field you want to change in the Your Custom Name list. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

    Highlighting a field

  4. Type the name for this field as you want to see it online.

    New field name

  5. Repeat these steps for each tab.