Exploring Search Results


Keyword Search, Search by Term, Advanced Search, and catalog searches all return search results in a similar format. The appearance of the search results can be modified in IMS and the Web Publishing Wizard.

Search Result Screen.
  1. Number of records online that match your search criteria.
  2. Number of records searched; this number appears only on the Archives, Photos, Libraries, and Objects search pages.
  3. The item's thumbnail image is a link to the record.
  4. The hyperlink will take you to the item's record page. The hyperlink is comprised of the first two fields you have selected for that record type in the Web Publishing Wizard. If an item does not have data in these two fields, no hyperlink will display.
  5. A record with no associated image displays a default "missing image". This image can be changed in the IMS Site tab.
    Note: The number of search results displayed per page can be changed in the IMS Site tab.