PastPerfect Online 2015

Originally released in 2005, PastPerfect Online enabled museums of all sizes to promote public access to their collections using a sophisticated web based search tool. Over the years, new features were added to include search statistic reports, Google indexing via sitemaps and more. The product was revamped in 2014 and is actively being enhanced with new features and a completely modern look.

This online documentation is designed to help you make the most of your PastPerfect Online site. If you have any difficulty finding the information you need, please contact our support team. We want you and your new site to be a complete success.

Thanks for choosing PastPerfect and PastPerfect Online!

Using This Guide

This guide is set up in a Concept/Task/Resource format allowing users to consume the information in a variety of ways. Simply click the "Next" arrow at the top of the page to access every topic in the guide, ordered by subject matter.  Use of the Index and the Search features will allow you to access the information you select. The Glossary provides definitions for some commonly misunderstood words, acronyms, and expressions.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. If you feel that there are topics that are missing, please submit your feedback to

Basic Steps for Creating Your PastPerfect Online Website

  1. Install PastPerfect Online
  2. Select catalog records to include online
  3. Step through the Web Publishing Wizard to create and upload your records
  4. Modify your website in the Interface Management Site (IMS)
  5. Share your site with others!