PastPerfect Development Update: 9/19/2017

While we have seen significant delays with PastPerfect Web Edition (formerly referred to as PP6), we expect to release the software in the coming months. Development has taken longer than expected, however, we are committed to releasing software that is bug free and contains the features PastPerfers users need. We continue to focus on making this transition to web based software an affordable, reliable, and simple transition.

Most recently we have moved our production servers to Amazon Web Services and have begun the process of uploading the data for a few of our largest clients to do final testing. We still expect to release software first to new PastPerfect users, with a slightly later release to clients with existing PastPerfect data.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me directly!

Brian L. Gomez
Vice President
PastPerfect Software, Inc.

PastPerfect Roadmap

The PastPerfect development and support teams in Austin and Exton are dedicated to serving the museum community by providing quality software solutions at an affordable price backed with superior support. We have been getting questions lately about where PastPerfect is headed.

For the past two years we have been working to develop the next major release of PastPerfect, currently known as PP6. This new product is based on open source languages, including HTML5, CSS with data storage in a SQL Server Database. We plan the release in two phases.

  • Phase I: PastPerfect Online, our web hosted public access product, was completed and released in early November 2014. (Sample site: http://demo.pastperfectonline.com)
  • Phase II: PP6, the core PastPerfect application is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2015.

These products will have many new exciting features including the ability to run on both Windows and Mac computers. You will be able to access your collection data using a variety of devices including smart phones and tablets.

After the release of PP6, we will provide a migration path for existing users; no collection or development data reentry will be required. Current users of PastPerfect v5 will be able to add the new PastPerfect Online features in Phase I this year without upgrading to the new full PP6. If you already have PastPerfect Online the upgrade to Phase I will be free.

For existing PastPerfect users the upgrade to PP6 is optional. We will continue to provide improvements and updates to PastPerfect v5 and support for both v4 and v5. For those of you still using v3 or older, watch for announcements soon with great deals on upgrades. For v5 users there are new features available now for download at our website. They include:

  • Geospatial data tracking for catalog and image records allowing locations to be viewed on Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • For users of PastPerfect Online, we now offer QR coded exhibit label printing, enabling museum visitors to access additional information about exhibit items online via smart phone or tablet.

We have also received inquiries about a rumor circulating that PastPerfect Software, which was created with Visual FoxPro, will stop working in 2015. It is true that Microsoft will stop providing technical support for Visual FoxPro on January 13, 2015. However, this will have no effect on PastPerfect. Microsoft has never provided support to users of PastPerfect or any other products developed with FoxPro. Their support has only been available to software companies like PastPerfect who create applications. Our programmers fully understand the FoxPro language and have not required any help from Microsoft for over 10 years. And since the products we are now developing are not based on FoxPro, we will have no need of their help in the future.

The FoxPro platform is a sophisticated and stable environment. FoxPro and PastPerfect run extremely well on Windows 8.1. We have received an advance copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft and tested all functions of PastPerfect v4 and v5. Everything will work well when Microsoft releases that next operating system. There are thousands of applications like PastPerfect running on FoxPro and we expect future versions of Windows to support their operation.

We understand that the FoxPro platform is not the future for our company or the over 9000 organizations that use PastPerfect. We are excited about the new functions and features we will be able to provide with PP6. We are working daily to create an easy and affordable path forward. If you have more questions about the future of PastPerfect please contact us at support@museumsoftware.com.


Richard Hilton – President.
PastPerfect Software, Inc.