Virtual Exhibit for PastPerfect 5.0

Virtual Exhibit 5.0 is the fast and easy way to put your exhibits online. Virtual Exhibit converts selected collection records and images from PastPerfect into HTML pages for posting online. Simply select the records you want to share and Virtual Exhibit will create the HTML, resized and watermarked images, and related files. You can then upload to your website or burn to CD for a portable virtual exhibit. No HTML programming knowledge is required to create informative and attractive Web-based exhibits.

With Virtual Exhibit 5.0:

  • Create online exhibits in just a few minutes from your PastPerfect catalog records.
  • Design custom layouts with no web design or HTML programming experience.
  • Develop exhibits without physical space limitations.
  • Open your exhibits to a whole new audience.
  • Support your museum's in-house exhibits with complementary Virtual Exhibits.

Virtual Exhibit is a great way to promote your museum's exhibits and events. You select which PastPerfect records to include, and which data fields and images to share. Virtual Exhibit automates the work and allows you to personalize the home page, color scheme, font size, image size, and more with simple on-screen selections. Since Virtual Exhibit is now based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the possibilities for customization are endless.


Using the data in the evaluation copy of PastPerfect 5.0, we created a very basic site without modifying any CSS or creating banner images. Also check out the more advanced site, where we've simply added a banner image and customized the colors to give the site a whole new look!


PastPerfect Evaluation Download

User Guide Chapter on Virtual Exhibit

Featured Online Exhibits

San Antonio Conservation Society logo
The San Antonio Conservation Society 
created a Virtual Exhibit to tell the history of Alamo Plaza through photographs and postcards held in their collection. For additional information on the items, the Society has linked to the catalog records on their PastPerfect Online site.

San Antonio Conservation Society logo
Through Virtual Exhibit, The San Antonio Conservation Society has shared a selection of historic photos, drawings, and maps of the San Antonio Missions, a World Heritage site.

Douglas County Logo
Douglas County, Colorado 
has an excellent example of how a VE site can be integrated into the already existing county website. By using their own custom home page and linking to the stylized pages of Virtual Exhibit, they achieve a seamless transition from county business to the county's rich collection of cultural artifacts.

History Center Logo
The History Center
has shared a selection of items from their collection using a simple Virtual Exhibit template. They have also added social media buttons, making it easy for web visitors to share the exhibits with others.