Interface Management Site - Changing Site Logo


When your PastPerfect Online site is set up, we include a logo to display at the top of your site. You may change that logo at any time. This article provides the steps you will need to follow.

When considering a different logo image, you should keep in mind how your site will appear to the online visitor. Ideally, your logo should be large enough to read clearly, but still allow most of the screen to be available for the search functions and viewing your records.

Please note, some sites may have a modified logo that displays when your site is viewed on a tablet or smart phone. If you are changing your logo, it is a good idea to view your site in a smaller browser window to make sure the new logo still looks appropriate when viewed on a mobile device.


  1. Sign into
  2. Select the Site tab.
  3. Next to Site Logo, click the Choose File button.

  4. IMS Site tab highlighting the Choose File button next to Site Logo

  5. Select your new logo image file, then click the Open button. You should see your new logo image name display next to the Choose File button.
  6. Click the Update Museum button at the top or the bottom of your page to save the changes. You should then see your new logo displayed on the Site tab.

    IMS Site tab displaying new logo image

  7. Below the new logo, the URL for this image is displayed. Highlight the URL and copy it.

    IMS Site tab displaying highlighted URL below new logo image

  8. Select the Header/Footer tab.
  9. In the Header Text field, you will need to replace the URL for your current logo with the new one. Look for the section of text that starts with <img src=. The URL is listed between quotes. Delete the current URL and then paste in the new one.

    IMS Header/Footer tab with new logo URL highlighted within Header Text HTML

  10. Click the Update Museum button at the top or the bottom of your page to save the changes.
  11. Click your Open Web Site link at the top of your page to view your new logo.