PastPerfect Museum Software

We are the world's leader in museum collection and contact management software.
Used by over 11,000 museums, PastPerfect is affordable, comprehensive, and easy to use.

We offer both desktop and cloud‑based software to meet your needs.

Designed by museum professionals for museum professionals, PastPerfect offers desktop and cloud‑based software that combines collection and contact management into one easy‑to‑use software package. First released in 1998, PastPerfect has transformed how museums of all sizes catalog collections and manage relationships with members and donors. Contact us to see how PastPerfect can help your organization achieve its goals while saving time and money.

Version 5.0 Main Menu on desktop

PastPerfect Version 5.0

Desktop software for all your museum management needs. With PastPerfect 5.0, streamline the acquisition and loan processes, catalog artifacts, produce custom reports and forms, track donations and memberships, create mailings, send emails, and much more.

Web Edition Main Menu on tablet and desktop

PastPerfect Web Edition

The cloud-based solution combining the power of PastPerfect with the convenience of working online. Work from your desk, inside a gallery, at an offsite storage location, or anywhere else that has internet access using your computer or tablet.