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We offer a number of free options for learning how to use PastPerfect, including our user guides, Knowledge Base, and variety of videos.

For PastPerfect 5.0 users, we also offer three training CDs that cover everything from collections and contacts management to researching and reporting on your PastPerfect data.

For PastPerfect Web Edition users, we are developing a series of on-demand training classes. We will announce their availability in our newsletter.

User Guides

Access user guides for PastPerfect Web Edition, PastPerfect 5.0, PastPerfect 4.0, and PastPerfect Online on our User Guides page.

Knowledge Base

Read articles on some of our most commonly asked questions for PastPerfect Web Edition, PastPerfect 5.0, PastPerfect 4.0, and PastPerfect Online in our Knowledge Base.

Video Tech Tips & On-Demand Webinars

Watch short tech tip videos or on-demand webinars for PastPerfet 5.0 and PastPerfect Online on our Video Tech Tips & Webinars page.

Introduction to PastPerfect Web Edition

View screen shots and introductory videos on our Introduction to PastPerfect Web Edition page.

Introduction to PastPerfect 5.0

View screen shots and introductory videos on our Introduction to PastPerfect 5.0 page.

Training CDs

Become a PastPerfect 5.0 expert while learning at your own pace! They’re great for orienting new volunteers or as a refresher for experienced staff members.


Product Standard A​A​S​L​H
Training Series $119 $119
Individual Training CD $39 $39

PastPerfect 5.0 CD Training Series (3 CD Set)

Have all of the tools you need to learn PastPerfect 5.0 at your fingertips for one low price! The PastPerfect 5.0 CD Training Series includes each PastPerfect 5.0 Training CD listed below. There has never been a more convenient way to become a PastPerfect expert!

Cataloging Collections with PastPerfect 5.0

Are you new to PastPerfect or looking for a refresher on how to catalog your collection efficiently? "Cataloging Collections with PastPerfect 5.0" will walk you through the basic navigation of PastPerfect as well as processing your collections from the moment “a man walks in with a box.” Lessons on this Training CD include instruction on basic and advanced cataloging, attaching digital images and multimedia files to catalog records, using Nomenclature 3.0 with PastPerfect, research methods, managing authority files, and keeping your data safe. New users of PastPerfect will learn recommended methods for consistent collections data entry, while experienced users will pick up tips to maximize their use of the program. This Training CD gives you the opportunity to learn PastPerfect 5.0 at your own pace, anywhere you want.

This Training CD Includes:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction (2m:35s)
  • Chapter 2: Basic Navigation of PastPerfect and the Catalog Screen (12m:10s)
  • Chapter 3: Finding Items already in PastPerfect (14m:15s)
  • Chapter 4: Using the Lexicon Based on Nomenclature 3.0 (14m:00s)
  • Chapter 5: Authority Files, Custom Fields, and Function Keys (14m:17s)
  • Chapter 6: People and Search Terms Authority Files (13m:24s)
  • Chapter 7: Adding a Donor to Contacts (4m:38s)
  • Chapter 8: Creating a Temporary Custody Receipt (10m:04s)
  • Chapter 9: Accessioning Temporary Custody Items (9m:41s)
  • Chapter 10: Cataloging Accessioned Records into PastPerfect (17m:23s)
  • Chapter 11: Using Multimedia to attach Digital Images and other files to records (7m:41s)
  • Chapter 12: Adding an item FOUND IN COLLECTION (6m:08s)
  • Chapter 13: After the Basics: Searching for items in PastPerfect (11m:17s)
  • Chapter 14: Catalog Lists (9m:14s)
  • Chapter 15: Review/Conclusion (2m:03s)
  • Chapter 16: Keeping your Data Safe with Security and Data Backups (11m:39s)
  • Chapter 17: Multi‑Level linking and Container Lists in Archives (8m:23s)
  • Chapter 18: Setting up Temporary Custody and Accession Thank You Letters (5m:05s)

(Total Length: 2 H 54 M)

Managing Contacts, Donations, & Membership with PastPerfect 5.0

Keeping track of your donors and members is a vital part of almost every organization. "Managing Contacts, Donations, & Membership with PastPerfect 5.0" starts with basic setup and adding your first contact. From there, you will learn how to automate repetitive tasks associated with good contact management. This Training CD includes instruction on creating memberships, adding dues payments, documenting donations, writing thank you and mail merge letters, and recording volunteer hours. Additional lessons include how to create customized Contact Lists, sending email to contacts, setting up fiscal years and keeping your data safe. This CD puts the power of effective contact management in the palm of your hand and best of all, it gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, anywhere you want!

This Training CD Includes:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction (2m:15s)
  • Chapter 2: Overview and Navigation of Contacts (8m:30s)
  • Chapter 3: Setting up Contacts for Data Entry (6m:53s)
  • Chapter 4: Adding Contact Records (5m:13s)
  • Chapter 5: Advanced Contact Data Entry (5m:44s)
  • Chapter 6: Creating Mail Merge Letters with MS‑Word (5m:50s)
  • Chapter 7: Creating Memberships and Paying Dues (8m:02s)
  • Chapter 8: Advanced Membership Management (10m:11s)
  • Chapter 9: Adding Volunteer Hours (5m:39s)
  • Chapter 10: Fundraising, Donations and In‑Kind Gifts (7m:43s)
  • Chapter 11: Contact Lists (14m:43s)
  • Chapter 12: Advanced Contact List Management (8m:11s)
  • Chapter 13: Reports (2m:57s)
  • Chapter 14: Training Recap and Review (1m:23s)
  • Chapter 15: Keeping your Data Safe using Security and Backup Features (8m:53s)
  • Chapter 16: Using Fiscal Years (2m:32s)
  • Chapter 17: Using Campaigns and Adding Pledges (10m:08s)
  • Chapter 18: Inserting Letterhead Images and Signatures to Mail Merge Letters (4m:28s)
  • Chapter 19: Using Email with PastPerfect (4m:55s)
  • Chapter 20: Modifying Contact Labels (8m:41s)
  • Chapter 21: Batch Processing (2m:35s)

(Total Length: 2 H 16 M)

Researching & Reporting with PastPerfect 5.0

"Researching & Reporting with PastPerfect 5.0" includes everything you need know about PastPerfect's researching and reporting components. This Training CD includes instruction on basic and advanced research methods, including Catalog Lists, using and modifying existing PastPerfect reports, and creating Report Maker reports. This CD has the tools you need to access all of your PastPerfect data whether you are focused on Membership, Fundraising, Collections, Exhibits or anything cataloged in PastPerfect.

This Training CD Includes:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction (2m:32s)
  • Chapter 2: Researching Basics: Searching within Catalog Records (14m:39s)
  • Chapter 3: Querying in PastPerfect (13:31)
  • Chapter 4: Researching by Keyword and by Lexicon (15m:29s)
  • Chapter 5: Research by People and Search Term (7m:28s)
  • Chapter 6: Using Catalog Lists in PastPerfect 5.0 (11m:53s)
  • Chapter 7: Introduction to Reports (11m:01s)
  • Chapter 8: How to Run Reports and Print vs. Preview (7m:40s)
  • Chapter 9: Creating Custom Layouts for PastPerfect Reports (16m:24s)
  • Chapter 10: Report Maker Reports (9m:08s)
  • Chapter 11: Selecting Query and Report Maker Fields (13m:02s)
  • Chapter 12: Field Names for Modifying Report Layouts (5m:24s)
  • Chapter 13: Review (2m:02s)
  • Chapter 14: Introduction to Advanced Reporting (1m:01s)
  • Chapter 15: Inventory Report Part 1 (3m:50s)
  • Chapter 16: Inventory Report Part 2 (5m:58s)
  • Chapter 17: Inventory Report Part 3 (8m:41s)
  • Chapter 18: Inventory Report Part 4 (2m:51s)
  • Chapter 19: Inventory Report Part 5 (3m:9s)
  • Chapter 20: Dues Summary Report Part 1 (3m:26s)
  • Chapter 21: Dues Summary Report Part 2 (3m:13s)
  • Chapter 22: Dues Summary Report Part 3 (5m:33s)
  • Chapter 23: Dues Summary Report Part 4 (3m:27s)
  • Chapter 24: Dues Summary Report Part 5 (3m:02s)
  • Chapter 25: Dues Summary Conclusion and Review (4m:42s)

(Total Length: 3 H 59 M)