PastPerfect Online

Expand your museum’s audience to millions of internet users by sharing your collection items online.

PastPerfect Online enables you to expand your audience by building a fully searchable, online collections database using your existing PastPerfect 5.0 records. Easily choose the information you want to display online and use the web publishing tool to share your records. Your PastPerfect records are safe and secure, while only the selected information is shared online.

Capable of displaying hundreds of thousands of records, PastPerfect Online has multiple ways for web visitors to search: Keyword Search, Advanced Search, Catalog Search, and Search by Term. PastPerfect Online sites are customizable and have built‑in responsive design, making your site look great across all mobile devices.

Once your collections are online, you can use your site to collaborate with regional and national repositories, such as the Digital Public Library of America. Your online collection records become ambassadors for your organization, attracting new visitors and engaging with those who already know and support you.

Please note: PastPerfect Online requires PastPerfect Version 5.0D5 or higher and the MultiMedia Upgrade. If you are interested in sharing collections online with the public in conjunction with your PastPerfect Web Edition, please visit

Easy to Use
Select records to go online individually, using a query, or from Catalog Lists. The built‑in Web Publishing Wizard helps you select and rename your online fields, set up your Advanced Search categories, and easily create files for the web.

Safe & Secure
You choose which records, fields, and images from your PastPerfect program are available online. The web-friendly images shared on your site can be watermarked for protection, without affecting the images attached to your PastPerfect records.

Save Time
PastPerfect Online can serve as your own 24/7 research assistant. Web visitors can search your collections at their own pace before contacting you with an idea of what they need, freeing up your time for other projects.

Built-in Forms
Customizable email forms help you solicit feedback on items in the collection and provide online visitors the opportunity to request image reproductions. Additionally, online visitors can use the Email to a Friend form to share items from your collection.

Sites are designed to complement your main website. All sites feature a customizable Landing Page, where you can include search tips or information about your organization. Changes to your site can be made at any time through simple checkboxes, dropdown menus, or by modifying HTML and CSS.

Site Statistics & Google Indexing
The built-in reporter helps you identify the most common searches performed on your site. Google Analytics can be added for a more detailed analysis of site usage and visitor statistics. Free submission to Google Indexing is available, enabling your collections to become accessible to anyone using Google.


Institutional Members of the American Association for State and Local History (A​A​S​L​H) receive a 20% discount on the majority of PastPerfect products and services.

Product Standard A​A​S​L​H
PastPerfect Online Setup $285 $228
PastPerfect Online Annual Hosting -
First 10,000 records
$475 $380
PastPerfect Online Annual Hosting -
Additional 10,000 records
$245 $196
PPO Links Annual Hosting - 10 GB $125 $100

Please contact our sales staff by calling 1-800-562-6080 or emailing to start sharing your collections online.

A full price list for Version 5.0 and all available add-on features can be found on our pricing page.

Add depth to your PastPerfect Online site by sharing audio files, video clips, PDFs, MS‑Word documents, and more with PPO Links, the additional hosting package for your Multimedia files connected to your PastPerfect Online records.

Expanding on PastPerfect Online’s ability to share data and web quality images online, PPO Links lets you share Multimedia files creating a more enriching visitor experience. By hosting your Multimedia files with PPO Links, you can create seamless access to your audio, video, PDF files and more, directly from your PastPerfect Online records.

PPO Links is easy‑to‑use and worry‑free. You can host any file type on PPO Links, and we're here to help along the way!

The PPO Links annual hosting fee includes 10GB of space. Additional blocks of 10GB can be purchased at any time.

Please note: PPO Links requires PastPerfect Online Setup and Annual Hosting.


Below are examples of PastPerfect Online records with links to Multimedia files.