Update Release Notes

Below is the list of the new features provided in the latest downloadable updates to PastPerfect Version 5.0 and Version 4.0. Updates are cumulative, so when you install the latest update for your version you will receive all the features and corrections from previous updates. Updates for Web Edition users are automatically pushed out and do not need to be manually installed.

Version 5.0G1 ⋅ August 2023

  • Service Update

Version 5.0F9 ⋅ May 2023

  • Option to watermark thumbnail images for PastPerfect Online
  • Ability to sort files numerically when attaching multiple images

Version 5.0F8 ⋅ September 2022

  • Service Update

Version 5.0F7 ⋅ July 2022

  • New OCX and DLL for interfacing with Word to resolve issue of Word opening outside of PastPerfect

Version 5.0F6 ⋅ January 2022

  • Service Update

Version 5.0F5 ⋅ March 2020

  • Service Update

Version 5.0F4 ⋅ October 2019

  • Service Update

Version 5.0F3 ⋅ April 2019

  • Add Email2 and Email3 as mail merge fields for contact letters
  • Include "Group" field to reports Donations by Fund or Date Range Reports when exporting to Excel
  • Add Data Lock option for users moving to PPWeb

Version 5.0F2 ⋅ October 2018

  • Changes for InMemoryProject - add custom fields
  • Backup to hard drive, new completion message if backup files cannot be renamed
  • Works by Creator Summary report - new option to exclude incoming loan records

Version 5.0F1 ⋅ June 2018

  • Service Update

Version 5.0E9 ⋅ February 2018

  • New System report - Disk space used by images and attachments
  • Changes to Indiana Memory export to include latitude & longitude data
  • When a user is restricted from PastPerfect Online, don't allow user to change records to include

Version 5.0E8 ⋅ December 2017

  • Service Update

Version 5.0E7 ⋅ November 2017

  • Add a checkbox for "Include Members Marked Deceased" on the Membership Renewal screen
  • Add commas to numeric fields, Catalogs "Acquisition Value", Accessesions "Price", Incoming Loans "Value"
  • Add "Online Payment" to payment type for Dues and Donations
  • Condition Report - add availability for locfield1-6 to display on this report
  • Sites & Localities - add County, Country, State, Township fields to Find and Sort By
  • Sites & Localities - user can select fields for Browse

Version 5.0E6 ⋅ August 2017

  • Improved speed when creating PPOL export data files

Version 5.0E5 ⋅ April 2017

  • New WebRights field for compliance with DPLA rights statements

Version 5.0E4 ⋅ February 2017

  • Includes updated Subjects file from Library of Congress for new installations
  • Lexicon report "Object Name Count by Category, Class & Term" option to exclude Object Name 2 and 3

Version 5.0E3 ⋅ November 2016

  • New Archive report - MultiLevel Linking
  • Ability to include Batch field in Report Maker reports for Donations
  • Ability to include Creator and Date fields on Inventory Checklists and Worksheets
  • Ability to include Fund and Fund Code fields on Batch Deposit List report
  • Ability to include Email, Email2, and Email3 fields on the following reports:
    Donations & Dues Summary, Donation & Dues Summary with Fund Detail, Donations by Date Range, Donations by Date Range - Summary, Donations by Fund or Date Range, Donations by Fund or Date Range with Subtotals

Version 5.0E2 ⋅ August 2016

  • Option to export data for transfer to PastPerfect Web
  • First Name and Last Name are available for Report Maker Dues reports

Version 5.0E1 ⋅ February 2016

  • Service Update

Version 5.0D9 ⋅ November 2015

  • Service Update

Version 5.0D8 ⋅ June 2015

  • Updates for new Nomenclature 4 Upgrade

Version 5.0D7 ⋅ January 2015

  • Service Update

Version 5.0D6 ⋅ November 2014

  • Service Update

Version 5.0D5 ⋅ November 2014

  • Updates for new version of PastPerfect Online

Version 5.0D4 ⋅ October 2014

  • Service Update

Version 5.0D3 ⋅ September 2014

  • Evaluation Version

Version 5.0D2 ⋅ July 2014

  • Add fields: campaign#, manager, fund, purpose, starts, ends to Campaign Browse screen
  • Add sort fields: fund, starts, ends to Campaign screen
  • New option on the Memorials & Honorariums report to include only donations honoring a specified name
  • When exporting a contact list to Excel include additional fields; group, phonecell, email2, email3, last donated, last donated amount, last dues amount and volunteer status
  • When importing data to catalogs allow user to select default Screen View
  • When viewing thumbnail images of search results, Right click on thumbnail will display larger image

Version 5.0D1 ⋅ April 2014

  • Ability to select and attach multiple images at once to a catalog record
  • Deed of Gift form for Temporary Custody records
  • Option to always create a discovery image when attaching images
  • Option to stop displaying screen asking if user wants to create a discovery image

Version 5.0C9 ⋅ March 2014

  • Added Geospatial data tracking in catalog and image records
  • Printing of QR codes as an optional feature for users with PastPerfect-Online, Inventory Manager, Barcode Printing, or Virtual Exhibit
  • New option on catalog image management screen to place an Object ID Stamp on the image
  • Increase length of Accession "Recas" field to 30 characters
  • On Image Management screen, move Image color change commands to sub screen

Version 5.0C8 ⋅ February 2014

  • Service Update

Version 5.0C7 ⋅ January 2014

  • Service Update

Version 5.0C6 ⋅ January 2014

  • Add School and Studio authority file reports
  • Expand Virtual Exhibit "Home Page Link" field to accommodate up to 100 characters
  • On Multimedia Links report, allow user to select type of links to include
  • New report " People with Biography Information & Catalog Records"

Version 5.0C5 ⋅ November 2013

  • Added Print command to the Virtual Exhibit catalog record screen to print list of catalog records on the selected exhibit
  • Allow users to modify field descriptions
  • Enlarge Archives Multilevel linking screen to show more detail about lower level records including object name, title and scope & content
  • New report Donations - Two Year Comparison
  • New report Upcoming Birthdays
  • Option to alert users if a contact has birthday
  • Option to export the membership overdue payment list to Excel
  • Query option for People Biographies

Version 5.0C4 ⋅ September 2013

  • New Authority File for Volunteer Skills
  • Add "Title" field to Archives - Map screen view
  • Increase Exhibit Name field to allow 150 characters

Version 5.0C3 ⋅ July 2013

  • Add field "Details about image" to Image file upload for PastPerfect Online
  • New report: "Catalog List Images" can be printed from the Catalog List / View Images screen
  • New report: "Catalog List Summary" prints a list of Catalog lists
  • New report "Contact List Summary" prints a list of Contact user defined lists
  • New report: "PastPerfect Online Modified Images" prints list of image folders containing images modified during a specified date range and marked for export to web
  • New report: "Sites & Localities with Catalog Records" can be printed from the Sites & Localities screen and includes detailed information about the Site and a list of associated catalog records
  • New report: "Works by Creator Summary" lists each creator and the number of catalog records associated

Version 5.0C2 ⋅ April 2013

  • Add flag to contacts screen if there is an alternate membership billing address
  • Add two additional email address fields to the Contacts screen
  • New Authority file for Temporary Custody custom fields 1 and 2
  • New Accession Report "Blank Deed of Gift"
  • Option to print the Donations, Dues, & In-kind Gifts reports from the contacts Giving Summary screen
  • Option to print Giving Summary screen information

Version 5.0C1 ⋅ February 2013

  • New Target Donors reports
  • Option on Campaign screen to view only Current or only Past Campaigns
  • Increase Title field to allow 250 characters

Version 5.0B9 ⋅ October 2012

  • Add authority file for Contact "Mailing Lists" to be used in Contact queries and Report Maker
  • Add secondary sort of container list fields for Archives Finding Aid report

Version 5.0B8 ⋅ August 2012

  • Add Container List to PastPerfect-Online export
  • Add Sites to PastPerfect-Online export

Version 5.0B7 ⋅ April 2012

  • Option to sort Archive Finding Aid list by container
  • New Site screen authority files for Project Name, Principal Investigator or Collector, Principal Invest. Affiliation, and Controlling Agency

Version 5.0B6 ⋅ February 2012

  • Allow lastname to be included on Volunteer Hours report maker reports
  • Other# field may be included on Inventory Reports

Version 5.0B5 ⋅ December 2011

  • New report Donation Totals by Fund
  • New report Dues Payment Totals by Membership Type

Version 5.0B4 ⋅ November 2011

  • Ability to include all fields on the Incoming Loan List report
  • Ability to include fields; greeting, address1, address2, city, state, zip, home phone,  work phone, and cell phone on Batch Dues Receipt report
  • Function keys are now available when editing image caption
  • When exporting contact lists to Excel include the "title" field

Version 5.0B3 ⋅ August 2011

  • New Option to manually add catalog records to a list by typing or scanning the Object ID number
  • New Quick Find option from main menu to locate item in catalogs or contacts

Version 5.0B2 ⋅ June 2011

  • Deaccession screen has option to sort and find by Title
  • New Donations report "Target Donors"
  • New screen under Setup Lexicon that lists all unclassified object names and allows the user to classify them and add to lexicon

Version 5.0B1 ⋅ April 2011

  • Service Update

Version 5.0A9 ⋅ March 2011

  • Add authority file for Contacts - Affiliation field
  • Changes to make Reindex faster for People, Search Terms and Miscellaneous
  • USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode printing is now supported. It requires the purchase of the Barcode Printing Upgrade

Version 5.0A8 ⋅ January 2011

  • Added accession information security to catalog screens

Version 5.0A7 ⋅ December 2010

  • Critical Service Update

Version 5.0A6 ⋅ November 2010

  • Ability to email a catalog image with watermark option
  • Keep one year history of user's login and logout times
  • New Authority File report "Donation Funds"
  • New Authority File report "Membership Subtypes"
  • New Authority File report "Membership Types"
  • Option to print full catalog record from returned items on incoming loan screen

Version 5.0A5 ⋅ September 2010

  • Printer dialog options when printing multiple letters from Contact Lists
  • Reduced wait times on networks when updating contact records

Version 5.0A4 ⋅ September 2010

  • Allow using Fixed lists when Merging or Subtracting from Contact Lists
  • After selecting a contact list and before viewing or printing, allow the user to narrow the list by selecting field ranges
  • New option in Nomenclature 3.0 to reassign a term
  • Save Selection statement used to create Contact Lists

Version 5.0A3 ⋅ July 2010

  • Language authority file is now available for Inscription language field
  • New Temporary Custody Return Receipt form can be printed from the Temporary Custody screen
  • When performing a global update on home location fields, save current locations to location history file

Version 5.0A2 ⋅ June 2010

  • Import from Version 4.0 Implemented
  • Virtual Exhibit Upgrade Implemented
  • Nomenclature 3.0 Implemented

Please note, the 4.0F8 update is the final update released for PastPerfect 4.0.

Version 4.0F8 ⋅ January 2022

  • Dues and donation years will automatically update each January after a reindex is performed

Version 4.0F7 ⋅ January 2021

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2021

Version 4.0F6 ⋅ January 2020

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2020
  • Add Data Lock option for users moving to PPWeb

Version 4.0F5 ⋅ December 2018

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2019

Version 4.0F4 ⋅ July 2017

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2018
  • Ability to upload to new PastPerfect Online

Version 4.0F2 ⋅ December 2016

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2017

Version 4.0F1 ⋅ October 2015

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2016

Version 4.0E9 ⋅ December 2014

  • Service Update

Version 4.0E8 ⋅ October 2014

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2015

Version 4.0E7 ⋅ December 2013

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2014

Version 4.0E6 ⋅ November 2012

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2013

Version 4.0E5 ⋅ December 2011

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2012
  • Add Contacts udf1, udf2 and udf3 to Donations by Date report

Version 4.0E4 ⋅ December 2010

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2011

Version 4.0E3 ⋅ December 2009

  • Updated for dues and donations in year 2010

Version 4.0E2 ⋅ February 2009

  • Add fields Revenue Source, and Revenue Restriction to Dues, Donations and In-kind Gifts
  • Add "PayPal" as a payment type for dues and donation receipts
  • Add multiple prefix and suffix option to Dublin Core xml output
  • Add outgoing loan# to catalog table so can be used for searches, reports and included in browse
  • Find by "Dataset" added to Deaccession screen
  • Outgoing loans "Items on Loan" report, add the ability to have the location and other catalog fields on the report
  • When changing the full name on the People Biography screen give user option to update first and last name with changes

Version 4.0D9 ⋅ August 2008

  • Add Custom Loan form as another option when printing outgoing loans
  • Allow four digits for SMTP email port number
  • Command to view search term details from Research Search Terms screen
  • Dear formal field is available on Donations, Dues & In-kind Gifts report
  • Change color of object status field to red for Hazardous and orange for Unstable or Very Fragile
  • On British version of image metadata screen change "Grayscale" to "Greyscale" and "color" to "colour"
  • Compress PPOnline data and control files before sending via FTP
  • The artist authority file is available in Archives under Music Collection - on the track list screen

Version 4.0D8 ⋅ April 2008

  • Option in objects catalog to sort and instant find by place of origin
  • + command to expand notes field on accession screen

Version 4.0D7 ⋅ March 2008

  • Add year 2008 to Contacts dues and donations tracking
  • Add dear formal and dear casual to Dues table for reporting
  • Automatically create data backup when updating program
  • Before reindexing, check for other users and display a list of users currently in the program
  • Easy access to System Info screen by clicking Version# on main menu
  • Expanded System Information screen
  • Improved data backup functions for images and multimedia
  • Limit image subfolders to 600MB
  • New Backup Reminder screen that alerts if backup has not been made in last 3 days
  • New command button on Library screen to list, enter or view additional sites associated with the record
  • Option to Find by record# in Accessions and Contacts
  • Option to make backups from backup reminder screen
  • Save 30 hard drive backups
  • Upon Exit remind users to make an external backup every week
  • Upon Exit of program require users to make a backup at least every two weeks

Version 4.0D6 ⋅ December 2007

  • Add Bi-weekly payment option for pledges
  • Add plus + command to Accession screen to expand Description of Accession box
  • Images created as discovery images are converted to 24-bit to allow watermarking
  • Increase length of Caption field to 75 characters
  • Increase length of Site# field to 15 characters
  • Include "dear casual" field when exporting user defined list to Excel
  • New report Donations, Dues and Inkind Gifts Summary
  • New report Donations & Dues Summary with Fund Detail
  • Option to add default custom legal text for new accessions via Accession/Add/Deed Gift screen

Version 4.0D5 ⋅ October 2007

  • Add Dataset as a sort or find field for loans in and loans out
  • Allow user to change first and last name of In-kind gift
  • Caption field is now available for placing on Thumbnail image report
  • Display related pledge information on edit donation screen
  • Include the Fax# field when exporting a contact list to Excel from the Lists and Labels screen
  • Semi-Annual payment interval available for pledges

Version 4.0D4 ⋅ September 2007

  • Add fields first name and last name to people biography file
  • Ability to Find people in the biography file by more fields
  • For PastPerfect Online, option to create web images for only images in selected folders
  • For PastPerfect Online, if problem images are encountered display option to print report listing the problems
  • Increase length of path entry for data and image folders from 40 to 60 characters
  • Increase length of path entry for hard drive backup to 80 characters
  • New options on Donations by Date Range report to print summary only and to export to Excel
  • New Invalid Email Addresses report
  • Notify user that backup file will be placed in the program folder if no backup folder is specified
  • On People Biography screen allow Find by more fields
  • Option on setup multimedia screen to display caption instead of image file name below thumbnail on catalog screens
  • Option to sort the Donations, Dues and In-Kind gift report by Amount

Version 4.0D3 ⋅ June 2007

  • Ability to print blank loan forms before any loan records are entered
  • Expand the list for selecting campaigns and funds on the enter new donations screen so user can see more entries
  • For Artefacts Canada export, allow entry of longer province name
  • Option to append or replace and add multiple entries for contacts authority files
  • When adding a new member, have an option to fill the membership name with the name from the Name &Title field

Version 4.0D2 ⋅ May 2007

  • Ability to restore images and multimedia files from removable drive backup
  • Add command button to PP-Online wizard screens that skips to the create files screen
  • Add field "Returned" in incoming loans returned items report
  • New archives query field "Container list text"
  • New security settings for Enter Donation, Enter Dues, and Enter Pledges
  • Separate functions for backup to floppy and backup to removable drive
  • When adding a new accession starting from the catalog screen provide option to create new accession with data from contacts
  • When creating large image files, name them the same as the discovery image file with "-Large" added to the end of the name
  • When using Browse to select an item to add to an exhibit or outgoing loan, display Title as a non-memo field

Version 4.0D1 ⋅ March 2007

  • Add "Inventory Report" as a type of Condition report
  • Display warning message during image backup if not all images can be backed up (such as images in 001\sub\sub folders and unattached images)
  • Display installation version on system info screen
  • Export to MARC21 allows mapping to marc field 001. If mapped PP field is empty will fill 001 with record#
  • Images in 001\sub folders of image directory will be backed up to Hard Drive and CD
  • New command on Batch letters screen to rebuild all donation and in-kind thank you letters for the selected batch
  • New command button on Archives screen to list, enter or view additional sites associated with the record
  • PP Online option to only include Creator, People and Search Term records that are affiliated with included catalog records
  • Save deleted backups before pp4backup10.zip in Recycle Bin
  • When printing an envelope or letter from the contacts screen, new option to select primary or secondary address

Version 4.0C9 ⋅ January 2007

  • Add fields for 2007 dues and donations
  • Backup to Removable drive has new options for including images and multimedia files
  • Credit line field can be added to Items on Exhibit report
  • Custom field authority files allow multiple entries and append or replace options
  • Increase length of habitat field to 80 characters
  • New "Lockbox" type of payment for Donations
  • New system report "Missing MultiMedia files"
  • Only users with Administrative security setting can view or change user passwords
  • PastPerfect Online allows selection of large image size as 450, 640 or 950 pixels
  • PastPerfect Online has a new improved FTP engine
  • PastPerfect Online watermark intensity is quadrupled
  • PastPerfect Online can include people and creator images
  • Right-click on image magnifier button to select option to hide mouse pointer
  • Subject authority file is now available for the Archives container list subject field
  • Support for SSL SMTP port 465 Email servers

Version 4.0C8 ⋅ November 2006

  • Ability to add attachments to emails
  • Ability to create Report Maker reports for Search Terms file
  • Ability to include related contact database fields on Report Maker reports for dues or donations
  • Ability to print reports to PDF, Word, and HTML files
  • Allow Arial font as well as Times New Roman for watermark text
  • Expand accession "Received as" authority file to accept unlimited entries
  • Modify report "Donations by Date Range" to only included donations that totaled over a specified amount for the period
  • New "Query" command on Container List screen
  • New donation report for "Memorials & Honorariums"
  • New general information screen setting "Wordrite default zoom" to open letters at other than 100%
  • Option to add phone numbers to Donations, Dues & In-Kind Gifts report
  • Option to add phone numbers to Donations by Fund and Date Range report
  • Option to add the field "creator" and other common catalog fields to the Items by Donor report
  • Option to add the field "idno" to the List of Accessions & Items by Donor report
  • Option to include Site database fields on Report Maker reports for Objects
  • Save sort order setting for container list
  • Security options to restrict Add, Edit, Delete and Print from Sites and People Biography screens
  • When adding a contact to an existing membership, display the membership# on the screen to select the existing membership
  • When printing letters, labels, zip code tally, or emailing from the Lists & Labels screen, deceased contacts are not included

Version 4.0C7 ⋅ September 2006

  • Add authority files for contact's custom fields 1-3, library series and people biographies role field
  • Add fields "Collectors/Donor Details", "Location Notes" and a set of five more location fields to Site sub-screen
  • Add new Membership report
  • Add new Prospect report
  • Add new Prospect Details report
  • Allow setting for maximum images in a folder to be as low as 200
  • Display large "Deceased" flag on main contacts screen if box is checked on Biography sub-screen
  • New option on outgoing loans List of Loans report to narrow the list by range of loanno, outdate, due date or institution
  • Option to add any field from the contacts database to the contacts To Do List report
  • Option to add fields "firstname", "activity", "location", and "notes" to Volunteer Hours reports
  • Option to add fields "Date joined" and custom fields 1-6 to Batch Dues Receipts report and batch dues mailing labels
  • Option to sort Batch Deposit List report by last name or from
  • Search Terms authority file report includes number of entries in each catalog
  • Site "elevation" field is automatically converted from meters to feet
  • When exporting the Donations, Dues, and In-kind Gifts report to Excel, the first name field is included

Version 4.0C6 ⋅ July 2006

  • Ability to send HTML formatted emails
  • Ability to add home location and most other common catalog fields to the ToDo List report
  • Deceased date on contact's biography screen can accept non-formatted date entries
  • Increase length of "condition" field to 35 characters
  • Option to overwrite saved query with changes

Version 4.0C5 ⋅ June 2006

  • Add multimedia links to Contacts
  • Archaeology sites and Localities command button on main menu
  • Archaeology sites has many new features including linking to all four catalogs, multimedia links, and adding catalog records from site screen
  • Authority files for fields "culture" and "school" now allow multiple entries
  • Export to Artefacts Canada option available for Canadian users
  • Flag on catalog records says "Exhibit Prep" if placed on an exhibit with a start date in the future
  • Include updated LC TGM1 terms in subjects authority file
  • Let user select year range for Donations/Dues Summary report
  • More room on People Biography screen for adding multiple spouses
  • Multimedia report option to list items without a link
  • New Address Information button on Contacts screen which displays both addresses when address change dates are entered
  • New authority files for Volunteer Locations and Activities
  • New combo box authority file for Volunteer status types
  • New details field for Image metadata, open with "View Image Details" command on Metadata screen
  • New system report with PastPerfect-Online publishing information
  • New Accession report "List of Accessions & Items by Donor" to count the number or accession and catalog records donated by each donor
  • New Dues & Donations Report "Donations- Items All Contacts" to count number of accession and catalog records donated by each contact
  • New Report that lists each security group, the users, and all their restrictions
  • New View biographies command button on catalog/people sub screen
  • Option to add fields Acqvalue, Insvalue, Curvalmax, Curvalue, and Valuedate to Items by Donor report
  • Option to automatically add the salutation to the Name & Title when adding a new contact
  • Option to include more fields when printing Query results lists or exporting Query results to Excel
  • Option to include templocation() field on some reports that combines all seven temp location fields
  • Option to save image to hard drive, on old save to floppy screen
  • Option to view full catalog record screen when viewing records from the Accession, Loan, Exhibit and Site screens
  • People Authority file moved to main menu with option to globally change people names
  • Report Maker can now create reports for common fields in all four catalogs
  • Setup Custom fields option to rename Contacts A-list and B-list
  • System wide multimedia links on main menu with activate option on setup general information screen
  • User-defined mailing list description can be view and edited by double click on the list name from the Lists & Labels screen

Version 4.0C4 ⋅ April 2006

  • Ability to add fields: firstname, lastname, greeting, address1, address2, city, state and zip to the Dues by Membership type report
  • Add Dear (selectable) as field choice on Donation thank you letters
  • Add choice for Dear Formal or Casual when entering a new donation. This will affect the Dear field as it is created on the Thank you letter.
  • Add "Undetermined" as a choice of Repatriation type
  • Ask for confirmation when Delete command is pressed
  • Export to Microtext file
  • General Information setup option to ask for confirmation before saving location changes to the history file
  • New duplicate records report
  • Option to backup images and multimedia files to hard drive
  • Option to export Query and Research results to and Excel/HTML file
  • Option to export Report Maker reports to an Excel/HTML file
  • Places authority file is available for Library publish place
  • Pressing Query again after viewing Query results takes user back to search results list
  • Sort or narrow the list by Campaign Activity in the Donations, Dues and In-Kind Gifts report

Version 4.0C3 ⋅ January 2006

  • Ability to add multimedia link to Exhibit records
  • Add fields: activity, campaign#, campaign name, and pledge# to Excel export of Donations by Fund or Date range
  • Add move-bar to easily rearrange order of web export fields
  • Add new dues payment interval of "Bi-Annual"
  • Add year 2006 to dues and donation summary display
  • Allow FTP of a range of selected image folders for PastPerfect Online
  • Auto watermark of images for PastPerfect Online
  • Command to calculate insured value of all items on an incoming loan
  • Display message if user attempts to add objectid that exists in deaccession
  • Export includes PPID#
  • Include accession and exhibit records on multimedia links report
  • Include insured value of catalog record mini screen from Accessions and incoming loans
  • In-Kind gifts file can be used in Report Maker
  • New export to Excel/HTML option includes unlimited memo data
  • New Membership Renewal report
  • New security option to restrict access to the Dublin Core command at bottom of catalog screen
  • Option to add multiple authority file entries to the author added entry field
  • Option to add "title" and outdate fields to outgoing Items on Loan report
  • Option to export Dues Receipts by Membership type report to Excel
  • Option to export Pledges by Campaign or Date Range report to Excel
  • Save setting for "Type of Search" on Keyword search screen

Version 4.0C2 ⋅ December 2005

  • Add new Archives Finding Aid report
  • Add new MultiMedia Links report
  • Detail information about search terms prints on authority file report
  • If you double click on a pledge, donation, or dues receipt from the Pledges/Receipts screen and the associated contact record has been deleted, user is given option to delete the entry
  • Include CD backup date on Backup reminder screen
  • New function getdonaddress() that can be used on donation thank you letters and donations by fund report to print alternate billing address
  • New general security option to restrict users from viewing websites via PP
  • New general security option to restrict users from saving or deleting queries
  • New general security option to restrict users from accessing To Do lists
  • Option to add catalog record image to incoming loan form

Version 4.0C1 ⋅ September 2005

  • Add "Yes to All" and "No to All" commands to mail log entry screen when printing multiple letters
  • CC - carbon copy option when sending an email from the contacts screen

Version 4.0B9 ⋅ September 2005

  • Option to include first and last name on volunteer hours reports

Version 4.0B8 ⋅ September 2005

  • Add Current Memberships to fixed lists
  • Add exhibit label fields 1-4 to Excel export
  • Add field "Include in Web" to bottom of each catalog screen
  • Allow multiple entries from Authority file in Home location field
  • Allow URLs up to 150 characters when setting up Links to websites
  • Contacts fields deceased and deceased date available for report maker
  • Right-click on Fixed membership lists displays details

Version 4.0B7 ⋅ July 2005

  • Add new report Collection Todo list
  • Add new security restrictions to exclude individual catalogs from the All catalogs and Keyword searches
  • Add print dues history command to contacts/membership screen
  • Browse before gather as SG-extra option
  • Enable Alt-key short cuts for Add, Edit, Delete commands on Authority file screens, Esc for Close & Exit
  • Expand donation/dues payment type list longer so user doesn't have to scroll to see all entries
  • If catalog record status is Missing, highlight word in orange
  • If using British, German, or Italian style dates, letter date format is 4 July 2005
  • Increase length of email subject line to 80 characters
  • Increase length of purpose field on incoming loans to 60 characters
  • New check box option when adding a new Accession to fill Thank you letter sent date with today's date
  • New check box option when adding a new Accession to fill Deed of Gift sent date with today's date
  • New report listing mailing list names and record count for each list
  • Option to add fields address, city, state, zip to Volunteer hours summary reports
  • Option to arrange all lists on the setup/contacts screen alphabetically
  • Option to include sub-totals on Batch deposit report and to sort by payment type
  • Option to place the dates of creation field on the Items on Exhibit report
  • Save last payment type as default for donation/dues payment entry

Version 4.0B6 ⋅ May 2005

  • Add fields: education, publications and role to the Creator details report
  • Add temporary location notes field to keyword search list
  • Allow more fields on search results printed list; notes, collection, date, homelocation()
  • General Setup screen option to run the program full screen so it can not be minimized
  • Library detail report sort by home location is now home location + shelf
  • New date format ANSI "2005.07.28"
  • View date format command on Setup General Information screen

Version 4.0B5 ⋅ April 2005

  • "Restrict All" command on Security setup screen

Version 4.0B4 ⋅ April 2005

  • Add "Active memberships" to contacts fixed mailing lists
  • Allow access to sub-screens Related, Legal, etc. before pressing Save when adding a new record
  • Allow "otherno" on search results printout
  • Dear formal/casual separate setting for emails and letters
  • Dear option of "None" for emails
  • Display warning message in security when adding a user without a password stating that they will be restricted from the security setup screen
  • First name, in memory of, and in honor of, may be printed on Batch Deposit list
  • Image added to default library catalog card style#2
  • New report "Recently updated records"
  • New Zip code tally report for bulk mailing
  • Security option to allow editing of only records in selected datasets
  • Sort donations by fund report by last name + first name + company
  • User authority file is available for deaccession "authorized by" field

Version 4.0B3 ⋅ March 2005

  • Able to edit Home location/Building on main catalog screens
  • Dear (formal) field available for Donations by Fund report
  • Display flag on main catalog screen to indicate when an item is at a temporary location
  • Display 'Inactive" flag on membership screen when selected to not "Include on Overdue list"
  • Display image file name on main catalog screen below image
  • Exhibit# is available as a catalog field for research and reports (don't need to know exhibitid)
  • Items on exhibit would not be flagged as on exhibit until the exhibit start date was today or earlier
  • List of Report Maker reports is sorted alphabetically
  • New security option to restrict users from changing objectid#, accession#, and contacts id#
  • Now only have to press Enter once on Find screen
  • Option on General Info setup screen to turn off highlighting of queried text to allow editing of the queried field
  • Option to export selected records to Dublin Core-XML file
  • Option to include phone numbers on volunteer hours summary reports
  • Option to sort "Items on Exhibit" report by objectid, objname, collection, home location, or temp location

Version 4.0B2 ⋅ February 2005

  • Add Batch processing for donations, dues, and in-kind gifts
  • Add fields: campaign, campaign#, activity, activity#, in memory, in honor, and tax deductible amount to in-kind donations
  • Add field: Dear (selectable) for inclusion on mail-merge letters
  • Add fields: dues change date, previous dues amount, largest donation date, last donation tax deductible amount to contacts
  • Add field: first receipt date to campaigns
  • Add field: tax deductible amount to donations
  • Add Id# to list of contacts screen displayed to select an accession donor
  • Add incoming loan# to catalog default data screens
  • Add To do list to contacts
  • Add new reports: Batch Deposit list, Batch Details Report, Batch Details Report by Code, Batch Donation Mailing Labels, Batch Donation Thank you letters, Batch Dues Receipt Mailing Labels, Batch Dues Receipts, Batch List Report, Contacts to-do list, and Donations-Dues and In-Kind gifts
  • Added In-Kind gift type setup to contacts setup screen
  • Command button to display associated in-kind gifts from the Campaign screen
  • Command button to sort mail-merge letters alphabetically
  • Command button to sort combo authority file entries alphabetically
  • Double click on the membership overdue list takes you to that contacts record
  • Increase length of field "check#" in dues & donations
  • Increase length of field "frame" in objects to 120 characters
  • New contacts Giving Summary screen
  • Only allow changing the setting for "Skip file test" on the Setup/General Information screen
  • Option to assign next donation receipt#
  • Option to edit donation receipt#
  • Option to export the Donations by Fund report to Excel
  • Option to include source field "recfrom" on printed research and query results
  • Option to limit results of Donations by Fund report to only donations over a specified amount
  • Option to print a range of Wordrite letters
  • Thank you letter for In-Kind gifts

Version 4.0B1 ⋅ January 2005

  • Ability to display both flags "Item on Loan" and "Item on Exhibit" at same time on catalog record screen
  • Ability to enter unlimited In-Kind donations
  • Add an "Update loan addresses" button in the Contacts section under loans
  • Add field address "Type" for primary and secondary contacts address
  • Add field "Receipt#" to donations available for printing on Thank you letters
  • Membership renewal may be designated as "Complimentary"
  • New field in dues file for tax deductible amount
  • Print unit of measure on the default catalog reports

Version 4.0A8 ⋅ January 2005

  • Increase length of exhibit name field to 75 characters

Version 4.0A7 ⋅ December 2004

  • Add year 2005, drop year 1995 from dues and donation history
  • Allow udf1-3 to be printed on Donation thank you letters
  • An image may be added to the Detailed Condition report
  • Collections List report option to exclude loaned in items
  • Export Lists & Labels to Excel file add these fields: member number, membership name, paid thru, type, subtype, and last paid
  • New option of Setup/Multimedia screen "Don't display metadata screen when attaching new image"
  • New Scatter option to CD/DVD to select drive and not finalize disk
  • When attempting to add an item to an exhibit that is already on another exhibit, display the other exhibit# and name
  • When attempting to add an item to a loan that is already on another loan, display the other loan# and name

Version 4.0A6 ⋅ November 2004

  • Allow fields printsize, studio, and photographer to be used on the Collection List with Descriptions report
  • Archives - Container List report can be sorted by Folder +Title
  • New function "Getbilladdress()" that can be used on contact labels
  • New mail merge field "Bill Add selectable" that can be used on mailmerge letters
  • On Donations by Fund reports, option to include fields: address1, address2, city, state, zip, country, greeting, title, and udf1-6
  • On Exhibits screen, double click on catalog record item takes you to that item's detail screen
  • On Incoming Loans screen, double click on catalog record item takes you to that item's detail screen
  • Option to put an image on the Collection List reports
  • Option to put shorter Title (sortable) field on browse screen so it doesn't appear as "Memo"
  • Option to replace main menu button images with custom images, Objects.jpg, Photos.jpg, Archives.jpg, and Library.jpg
  • Sort items list on exhibits by objectid

Version 4.0A5 ⋅ November 2004

  • Improved ezMARC export

Version 4.0A4 ⋅ October 2004

  • Installation option to install for all users of the computer

Version 4.0A3 ⋅ October 2004

  • Add Field Description reports for Archaeological Sites and Condition Reports
  • Add new Contacts fields for largest dues payment and largest donation amount