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PastPerfect Online

PastPerfect Online enables you to expand your museum’s audience to web users around the world by building an online collections database. Capable of searching and displaying hundreds of thousands of catalog records, PastPerfect Online provides an easy way for visitors to explore your collections. You select the catalog records, images, and data fields you want to publish and PastPerfect Online does the rest!

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Virtual Exhibit

With Virtual Exhibit, you can tell a story by guiding online visitors though your artifacts.

Explore Collections at PastPerfect-Online.com

With hundreds of collections and millions of artifacts, PastPerfect-Online.com is our index of client sites who are sharing their collections with the public. Explore your favorite collection or search for that one-of-a-kind item.

Hosting Multimedia Files with PPO Links

Add depth to your PastPerfect Online site by sharing audio files, video clips, PDFs, MS-Word documents, and more with PPO Links, the additional hosting package for your Multimedia files connected to your PastPerfect Online records.

Artefacts Canada

This free export feature for Canadian organizations that participate in the Canadian Heritage Information Network's Artefacts Canada initiative enables users to select the records and images you want to publish on the Artefacts Canada website.