PastPerfect 5.0 Sample Screens

Click the thumbnails to enlarge. Please note, many of the screen shots include the optional MultiMedia Upgrade.

Contacts handles every aspect of membership renewals, dues, donations, receipts, and pledges. Track detailed information about individuals, volunteers, docents, donors, and members. Contacts now includes detailed biographical information about each contact, including birth date, birth place, education, interests, and affiliations. Use this information for targeted fundraising mailings.

Contact Lists
Contact Lists help you build lists of donors, volunteers, and members without knowing a Boolean statement. Once contacts are on lists, you can easily view and print lists as well as send emails and mail merge letters written in MS-Word.

Objects Catalog - History
Objects Catalog - History Screen View provides all the fields necessary for cataloging decorative arts, ethnographic materials, household furnishings, machinery, and other historic objects and artifacts. To view the Archaeology, Art, Geology, or Natural History Screen Views, please click the links on the right.

Photos Catalog
Photos Catalog allows you to record information about each photograph or negative in your collection including: object type, photographer, title, film size, print size, place, people, description, and class.

Archives Catalog
Archives Catalog - Standard Screen View handles cataloging of archival material with the essential data elements as defined in the ISAD(G) General International Archival Description, by the International Council on Archives (ICA) Ad Hoc Commission on Descriptive Standards. Archives may be cataloged as a single item such as a letter, manuscript, or diary. In addition, you may use the multi-level linking capability of PastPerfect to catalog and link a complex set of documents such as the complete records of a corporation. To view additional screens, please click the links on the right.

Library Catalog
Library Catalog has fields for call number, titles, author, subject, publisher, published date, physical description, series, edition, summary, LCCN, ISBN, object ID, object name, accession number, status, condition, etc.

Catalog Lists
Catalog Lists will revolutionize how you use PastPerfect. To select records, you can use Research or select records individually to add to Catalog Lists that can then be viewed, printed, moved to outgoing loans, exhibits, and much more.