PastPerfect Online Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get help with my PastPerfect Online site?

  • Yes. From selecting your records to designing your site, we are here to help with the whole process. Contact us either by phone 1-800-562-6080 or email pposupport@museumsoftware.com.
My collection is not entirely ready for the web. Can I start small and add more later?
  • Yes, you choose which records to share online and then select additional records when they're ready. Upload more records as often as you'd like.
Can I remove records that are online?
  • Yes, simply deselect the record in PastPerfect and the record will be removed after your next upload. We provide simple tools for removing all PastPerfect Online records if you ever want to start fresh.
How long does it take to get records online?
  • Once you select the records you wish to share, then upload them to your site, access to your collection is almost immediate.
Can I preview my site before it goes live?
  • Absolutely, you decide when your site goes live. Your PastPerfect Online site is "unlisted" until you share the URL with others and ask us to add your link to the PastPerfect Online portal.
Will my records show up in Google searches?
  • Yes, when you feel your collection is ready for Google indexing, we will submit your site so that your artifacts show up in Google's search results.
Do I have to watermark my images?
  • With the click of a mouse, you can choose to have your web images watermarked with the name of your organization or additional copyright information. There is no need to manually watermark each image in your collection.
Can web visitors download my images?
  • By watermarking and resizing your online images, PastPerfect Online minimizes any potential risk of downloading files. You select the size of your online images, effectively rendering them useless for anything other than web viewing.

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